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“Family Guy’s” 200th Episode Goes Back In Time, But Not Far Enough

Can you believe Sunday night’s episode of “Family Guy” marked its 200th episode? Time sure flies by when you’re laughing at racism, homophobia, gay baiting, sexism, violence and stereotyping. For the Griffin household however, time flew backwards in last night’s milestone episode.
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The Mindy Project: The Savior for Prime-Time Sitcoms

Remember hearing Rihanna’s mega-smash “We Found Love” for the first time? From the first line, you became hooked. You were pulled into a foreign territory- something you never quite experienced before. And just when you thought you figured out the song, the production completely changed into an epic anthem that you, still to this day, would never dare to stop. Ladies and gentlemen, what I present to you is the sitcom equivalent to “We Found Love”- FOX’s and Mindy Kaling’s love child: The Mindy Project. (Stay with me) Continue reading

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FOX: The Mindy Project

Most of us know her as the lovable, yet hyper-mercurial Kelly Kapoor on that pretty popular NBC sitcom The Office. But this fall, Mindy Kaling is leaving NBC’s prime-time schedule for FOX’s in a starring role of her own produced sitcom titled, The Mindy Project. There are probably a millions reasons I could think of to watch this soon-to-be your new favorite show, but lets just go over the top three.
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X Factor Permiere: The Good, The Bad, And Clapney

September 12th, 2012 will forever mark the day that pop culture conglomerates Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, and Demi Lovato converged onto one judging table (oh yeah, and LA Ried was there too).

Last year, it seemed as if broadcast television met a max capacity for singing competitions that appeared to exclude X Factor. Cowell’s X Factor made its way over sea’s from the land where cars drive on the other side of the road, in hopes to produce big stars like Leona Lewis, One Direction, and Cherl Lloyd. More importantly, it was treated an American reboot to produce big ratings. The first season’s premiere opened to 12.49 million viewers, seen a severe disappointment in FOX’s eyes. After Cowell aXed half the judging panel, host, and revamped the series to appeal more to American audiences (AKA HEAVILY SCRIPTED), season two seemed like it would resonate well compared to its previous incarnation.
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