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Fall 2012 Season Wrap Up


The 2012 network television season has been one for the books. There’s been laughs, cattiness, renewing, canceling, Reba-ing, and of course Britney Spears’s ruthless judging. But what have been the highlights? What have we refused to delete from our DVRs and what do we wish we were able to unsee? After the jump, I’ll give you my opinions of what the worst and best things were of the 2012 fall network television season, along with the opinions of my fellow college comrades at Colorado State University.
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Lorne Michaels To Bless Kenan Thompson With New NBC Sitcom


With the fall television season wrapping up, one can’t help to feel anxious for future new pilots. From the clever The Mindy Project to the epic The New Normal, we saw creative new additions in the realm of TV sitcoms.

If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live and own a dusty VHS copy of Good Burger, then you better keep reading, because there’s a sitcom in the works for you.
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The Writers Guild Noms Are In…


The Writers Guild of America has announced their nominations for 2012. Let’s just say it’s a bad world out there.
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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Struts Over Competition


Once every year, the Victoria’s Secret Angel models festively strut their feeble bodies on national television. And because every straight man in the country makes sure to cancel poker night for the show, it’s always a ratings hit for CBS.
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Renew or Cancel?

Quiz time: What do the new fall television shows Revolution, Go On, The New Normal, and The Mindy Project all have in common? Continue reading

The Office: No Longer Paper-Cut Excruciating To Watch

I was a sophomore in high school when NBC’s mockumentary sitcom The Office premiered just seven years ago. It’s sad to say, but the journey’s of the beloved staffers at Dunder Mifflin are about to come to an end.
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The New Normal: A Feat or Not?

By the time Dawson’s Creek entered its second season in 1998, Jack McPhee, played by the 10-year-older Kerr Smith, became a cultural icon for American teenagers. McPhee marked one of the first gay characters to appear on network television with a targeted teenager demographic. Gay or straight, teenagers were able to relate to his struggles in earning acceptance from his peers and family. More importantly, they were able to relate to his journey in seeking self-acceptance of his identity. When Creek’s third season aired in fall 1999, McPhee found new confidence in his sexuality, and you better believe the writers of Creek were going to explore the life of a newly out-of-the-closet male teenager.

This fall television season marks thirteen years since McPhee shared the first U.S. prime-time television male-on-male on-screen kiss with his then boyfriend Ethan (Adam Kaufman). American television has come a long way since 1999 in respects to representing homosexual characters, but there has yet to be a prime-time television show solely centered around the life of a gay couple…until now.
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SNL Weekend Update Thursday Welcomed Back

Every four years there are a couple things Americans can rely on: the presidential election and SNL mocking the presidential election. SNL’s Update Thursday was first introduced in 2008 during the last election year season.  Thanks to Tina Fey’s eerily spot-on impression of the then vice presidential candidate (and Chick-Fil-A’s number one fan) Sarah Palin, SNL’s ratings shot through the roof.  SNL is hoping to achieve the same success this election year, with Weekend Update Thursday. Locked and loaded with political humor, the show seems to be off to a great start.
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The New Normal: Why It Will Be “The New Hit”


The New Normal, a new sitcom centering around a gay couple’s journey to start a family, will be something to keep an eye on. Premiering on NBC this fall, I’d definitely get your DVR’s warmed up for this one. If I do say so myself, New Normal has “hit” written all over it, and here’s many reasons why it will be the rainbow after NBC’s last television season storm:
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