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Fall 2012 Season Wrap Up


The 2012 network television season has been one for the books. There’s been laughs, cattiness, renewing, canceling, Reba-ing, and of course Britney Spears’s ruthless judging. But what have been the highlights? What have we refused to delete from our DVRs and what do we wish we were able to unsee? After the jump, I’ll give you my opinions of what the worst and best things were of the 2012 fall network television season, along with the opinions of my fellow college comrades at Colorado State University.
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The Writers Guild Noms Are In…


The Writers Guild of America has announced their nominations for 2012. Let’s just say it’s a bad world out there.
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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Struts Over Competition


Once every year, the Victoria’s Secret Angel models festively strut their feeble bodies on national television. And because every straight man in the country makes sure to cancel poker night for the show, it’s always a ratings hit for CBS.
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The Real World: Happy Endings Thanksgiving

Tuesday’s special Thanksgiving episode of Happy Endings showed us what happens when our favorite sixsome stops being polite, and starts getting real.
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Nine More Flawless Hours of “Nashville”

I know what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving.

ABC’s country soap “Nashville” has been picked up for a full season! I’m not sure if we’re worthy of more country Hayden Paneittere to fill up our iTunes, but I won’t question the decision.

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Reba Plays “Reba” on New Sitcom That’s Totally Not “Reba”

Everyone’s favorite redhead country superstar (turned prime-time television star, turned failed country comeback queen, turned Kelly Clarkson’s BFF) is back! And so is her trademark corny humor in ABC’s original sitcom “Malibu Country.” Continue reading

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Listen Ya’ll, ABC’s Nashville Is Fall’s Best Pilot Yet

The previews for ABC’s new country/soap/prime-time drama Nashville never got my DVR excited. The show seemed simply targeted to either southern teenage girls or die-hard country fans. Despite your preconceived notions you may have of me, I am neither. But after watching the full pilot online, I am hooked on the show and I may or may not be Google imaging Hayden Panettiere this very second.
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Renew or Cancel?

Quiz time: What do the new fall television shows Revolution, Go On, The New Normal, and The Mindy Project all have in common? Continue reading