Fall 2012 Season Wrap Up


The 2012 network television season has been one for the books. There’s been laughs, cattiness, renewing, canceling, Reba-ing, and of course Britney Spears’s ruthless judging. But what have been the highlights? What have we refused to delete from our DVRs and what do we wish we were able to unsee? After the jump, I’ll give you my opinions of what the worst and best things were of the 2012 fall network television season, along with the opinions of my fellow college comrades at Colorado State University.

Best New Series (My Pick):

Let’s start out with the basics. We’ve witnessed some pretty amazing pilots this season. The New Normal introduced 2012 America to a sitcom revolving around two gay men starting a family and Nashville was able to serve up some real diva drama stew. However, no pilot was able to bring as many original laughs as The Mindy Project has. The show was one of my top picks coming into the season and it has yet to plateau. With the laughs still packing, I predict Project will gain viewers and ratings over the next few months and become one of FOX’s biggest shows.

Best New Series (CSU’s Pick):

I went around the Colorado State University’s campus asking fellow college students what their new favorite show of the season was. Overwhelmingly, the response was the new NBC drama Revolution. I never reviewed the show in this blog besides stating my high hopes for its premiere, but the show has displayed huge potential and longevity. Longevity is certainly a problem that Revolution could still face, but with enough intriguing plots and relatable characters, I think it has a bright future ahead.

Jake Pappas, a junior at Colorado State University, couldn’t be more obssessed with the new hit show:

Revolution is such a unique and addicting show. If someone hasn’t seen it yet, I recommend they catch up online; their life will never be the same.”

Worst New Series (My Pick):

With the good, comes the bad. And boy, was there the bad. Animal Practice was horrible. Like, an SNL skit making fun of horrible sitcoms- horrible. But since that hot mess express was cancelled, the worst new series goes to Reba Malibu CountryImagine a sitcom with humor that year-old bread would even find stale. I love me some Reba but hate me some Malibu Country.

Worst New Series (CSU’s Pick):

What was the consensus of the worst new series at Colorado State? Well, apparently nothing was worse than Animal Practice was. Jessica Peterson, a senior at CSU, said it best when describing the new (cancelled) show:

“Never trust a television show that stars a monkey. We’ve evolved from them for a reason, no need to look back.”

Greatest Scene(s) (My pick):

Happy Endings: More Like Stanksgiving. All of the scenes.

Best Returning Show (CSU’s Pick):

I have yet to encounter a human who doesn’t absolutely love Modern FamilyEver since its premiere four years ago, all of America has fallen in love with the award-winning sitcom. The show put the gays back into prime-time, launched Sofía Vergara’s career, and gave America something to look forward to every week. The Colorado State campus seems to be just as enthused for the show as the rest of country, as there wasn’t even a close second in the running for the best returning show of the season. Frances Ritchie, a junior art major at Colorado State, sums up her love for the show in a few words:

Modern Family has heart and is genuinely sincere. I love watching the show because I know I’m guaranteed to laugh for the next 30 minutes straight.”

Best Line (My Pick):

Sure there has been a lot of golden scripted lines this season, but none compare to the one-liners Britney has spewed while judging X Factor this season. It may have been a mistake on Spears’s part, but no other line created as much of an uproar as when she mispronounced “Ke$ha” as “Keesha,” serving the ultimate slap in the face for the singer who even penned Spears’s club anthem “Till The World Ends.” But if the Holy Spearit pronounces the name as “Keesha,” it’s now pronounced as “Keesha.”

“I felt like you were trying to be like Keesha or something.” -Britney


And there you have it, my bests and worsts of the fall 2012 television season. What have been your worst and favorite moments over the past few months?

Comment below and keep checking back for all things network television!


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