The Real World: Happy Endings Thanksgiving

Tuesday’s special Thanksgiving episode of Happy Endings showed us what happens when our favorite sixsome stops being polite, and starts getting real.

In the holiday episode, Max (Adam Pally) was finally able to get ahold of the unaired “Real World” season that he and Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) were both cast members on. The Thanksgiving celebrations were taken to the couch in order to flashback to the 2002 episode where the other four visited the Real World house.

As Penny (Casey Wilson) pointed out, why hasn’t this Real World season (a key part of how these six friendships were foraged) never been talked about before? Where other shows may not get away with a gapped plot line like this, Happy Endings easily does, as the show focuses more on where these characters are heading, not their past.

Between the Real World flashbacks and Jane’s (Eliza Coupe) Gwen Stanfi realness, Dave (Zachary Knighton), embracing the fact that he’s 1/16 Navajo, journeyed out to buy the clams he needed to cook an “authentic” Thanksgiving dinner for the gang. Dave’s journey took a “Navajo-rrible” turn as two dishonest “pilgrims” (probably plagued with small pox) drove off with his car, causing a series of unfortunate events that he came to conclude compared to “the entire Native American experience.”

Hilarity was at its finest throughout the episode as little pieces of how Jane and Brad accidentally became an adorable couple were revealed, along with Max’s in-the-closet relationship with Penny.

“More Like Stanksgiving” is the best episode yet to come out of the already flaw-free third season of Happy Endings. Let us all be thankful a sitcom with this consistently strong of writing and acting is on air!

Watch Happy Endings Tuesdays, 9/8 c on ABC, and succumb to this decade’s answer to Friends.

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One thought on “The Real World: Happy Endings Thanksgiving

  1. Your writing is so fun yet professional. You have a real talent at capturing your reader’s attention and making them interested even if they have never seen the show before! I like the multimedia clip at the end. Maybe you could consider adding a tad bit of background for reader’s who have no idea of the context of the show. Otherwise, great job!

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