“Family Guy’s” 200th Episode Goes Back In Time, But Not Far Enough

Can you believe Sunday night’s episode of “Family Guy” marked its 200th episode? Time sure flies by when you’re laughing at racism, homophobia, gay baiting, sexism, violence and stereotyping. For the Griffin household however, time flew backwards in last night’s milestone episode.

The 200th episode, appropriately titled “Yug Ylimaf”, allowed the audience to relive some of the cartoon’s most iconic moments—in reverse. This was all thanks to the horn-dog Brian and his red rocket screwing up Stewie’s time machine and reversing the direction of time.

Throughout the half-hour, we were privileged to see the overdone reoccurring “Peter vs. Chicken” gag in reverse, watch Quagmire put clothes on a girl for the first time, and witness Stewie becoming un-birthed. However, I’m sure the favorite scene of last night’s episode among 8th grade boys came from revisiting the infamous ipecac challenge. And yes, since everything was in reverse, that means there was vomit-inhaling.

Too bad the talking dog was able to correct the time machine, or perhaps the show would have gone back into cancellation.

This episode was clearly meant to be a treat for the die-hard fans of the show. It even included female objectification for them, which seems to be an underpin of the entire show.










“Family Guy” airs Sunday nights on FOX.

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2 thoughts on ““Family Guy’s” 200th Episode Goes Back In Time, But Not Far Enough

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  2. trichlie says:

    I usually find this show funny, but some of the recent episodes have been a bit disappointing for me. It seems like the show is too pressured to constantly make us laugh. I think that the earlier episodes were better. Nice post, and I liked how the links were used to prove your points.

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