Listen Ya’ll, ABC’s Nashville Is Fall’s Best Pilot Yet

The previews for ABC’s new country/soap/prime-time drama Nashville never got my DVR excited. The show seemed simply targeted to either southern teenage girls or die-hard country fans. Despite your preconceived notions you may have of me, I am neither. But after watching the full pilot online, I am hooked on the show and I may or may not be Google imaging Hayden Panettiere this very second.

Created and written by the all-mighty Callie Khouri (screenwriter of Thelma & Louise), Nashville introduces a multitude of dramatic plots in its premiere, including Shakespeareesque unrequited love, questionable paternity, and family struggles. Before you know it, the hour time slot is up and you’re frantically looking through genealogy records to find southern traces in your ancestry…BECAUSE THE SHOW WAS SO DAMN CHEESE GRITS-Y GOOD.

Hot off FX’s “American Horror Story,” Connie Britton portrays the country music legend Rayna James (think along the lines of a Reba McEntire-type) who is struggling to remain significant in the music industry currently run by those Taylor Swift-types.

Hayden Panettiere, who convinced us all she needed to be saved on NBC’s hit “Heroes”, portrays Juliette Barnes (this lame name makes me want to gag), the new face of country music. Panettiere owns this portrayal of a Taylor Swift-like star who’s not afraid to let Rayna know her time has come and gone. The dynamics between these two is television (catty) gold!

The pilot plays out surprisingly digestible for the audience despite all the drama, introductions of characters, and subplots.

Do the right thing and take advantage of the TV Gods blessing us early with the online release of Nashville. I promise your life will never be wasted better on another television show.

And for reference, here’s the trailer for Nashville I ignorantly judged:

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3 thoughts on “Listen Ya’ll, ABC’s Nashville Is Fall’s Best Pilot Yet

  1. briwilks says:

    What an awesome review! I actually watched the premiere of Nashville, and I’ve got to say that you’re right on point! The over all analysis you give sums the entire show up to the tee, and as a reader you made me want to go and watch the pilot all over again! Adding a preview of the show to the viewers was a great idea as well, because you could in fact be bringing in some new viewers all because of this blog. Great read!

  2. Very thorough review. My roommate actually got me into this show. I must admit at times it can get too cheesy, but the soundtrack is phenomenal. I love country music and have downloaded a few of the songs from the show on my iPod. Did you know that Hayden Panettiere is actually singing in the show. It blew my mind that she could sing that well. She also plays the perfect vixen. Great multimedia: pictures, links, tags and video!

  3. katielokeefe says:

    This is your second post that has made me want to watch the pilot of a new show. I usually try not to get into new shows because I don’t have a lot of time to watch them, but now that I am hooked on “The Mindy Project,” I will be staying up even later to watch “Nashville.” The videos and photos you post on your blog are great, but your writing is really what makes the blog; you’re a great writer, and now I am going to go watch the “Nashville” pilot.

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