Renew or Cancel?

Quiz time: What do the new fall television shows Revolution, Go On, The New Normal, and The Mindy Project all have in common?

They all have been picked up from their respected networks for a full season! This is great news as I am already obsessed with The New Normal and super-obsessed with The Mindy Project.

None of these pick-ups are shocking however. Revolution had the biggest drama premiere since 2009, Go On has consistently drawn over 7 million viewers each week, The New Normal is resonating well with audiences, and The Mindy Project has received glowing reviews since its debut.

With these pilots renewed for a full season, it begs the question: Which new television shows left of the fall season will get the axe?

So with that said, dedicated television addicts, I want to hear your opinions on which new television shows will get the boot. Answer in the poll below or express more worded opinions in the comment section.


One thought on “Renew or Cancel?

  1. I thought this was a great post topic. It was short and to the point, and I liked that you included your own thoughts and opinions on the shows you were talking about. (I, also, am obsessed with The New Normal.) I also thought it was neat that you included a poll for your readers to be able to participate in the discussion. Even though it was a simple question, it is still engaging the readers in the topic, which is, obviously, important. Great job!

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