The Office: No Longer Paper-Cut Excruciating To Watch

I was a sophomore in high school when NBC’s mockumentary sitcom The Office premiered just seven years ago. It’s sad to say, but the journey’s of the beloved staffers at Dunder Mifflin are about to come to an end.

A lot has happened since the first season of The Office aired (besides Steve Carell’s hair plugs). If you weren’t comfortable with the changes that have happened over the past eight seasons, you might want to stay away from the final season, as it seems it’s likely to bring the biggest plot twists the show has ever seen.

The premiere kicked off with juicy details of what happened over the summer to Mifflin’s staff: Kelly moved away to chase after a boy while Ryan chased after her (actually she moved onto bigger and better things), Kevin gave us detail of his turtle-endangering adventures, Andy is back as the manager with new optimisms and a refreshed hatred for the British Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate), and it became obvious that Oscar is indeed having an affair with Angela’s not so straight husband.

To add even more to the never-ending cast list, young staffers, played by Jake Lacy and Clark Duke, are thrown into Dunder Mifflin providing new faces to the paper company as the snarky, engery-filled twentysomethings.

For the first time ever, the premiere also gave voices to the omniscient unseen film crew that have been filming the paper company for the past eight seasons. In this reveal, it was clear the final season will focus mainly on Jim and Pam.

The episode concludes with Jim taking action to move on from Mifflin, in a mysterious phone call to his potential new business employers stating, “I’m all in.”

With the original show runner Greg Daniels back in charge of the final season of Office, the premiere seemed to possess less-contrived laughs and more charm that the original seasons also flaunted. With intriguing plot lines, refreshing new characters, and the anticipation to see how the series finally ends, one can’t help but tune in to the broken-record that The Office has become.

Britney, the Queen of prime-time television, what did you think of the premiere of The Office?










One giant Britney hand clap rating for the premiere. This pleases Britney.

Catch the final season of The Office Thursdays 9/8c on NBC

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