SNL Weekend Update Thursday Welcomed Back

Every four years there are a couple things Americans can rely on: the presidential election and SNL mocking the presidential election. SNL’s Update Thursday was first introduced in 2008 during the last election year season.  Thanks to Tina Fey’s eerily spot-on impression of the then vice presidential candidate (and Chick-Fil-A’s number one fan) Sarah Palin, SNL’s ratings shot through the roof.  SNL is hoping to achieve the same success this election year, with Weekend Update Thursday. Locked and loaded with political humor, the show seems to be off to a great start.

The show launched into a skit about Mitt Romney’s “47%” videotape and the efforts by the devoted Republican hosts at Fox & Friends to dilute the less-than brilliant comments.  The show airs SNL‘s version of the leaked tap, showing Jason Sudeikis in Romney form addressing who the 47% of the American population he’s referring to actually is. After pausing to make sure his remarks weren’t being recorded, fake-Romney put it blunt,  “When I say ‘these people,’ I mean black people.” The hosts at SNL‘s version of Friends weren’t bothered by the footage, “Call me crazy but I like seeing an honest moment from a politician,” said Gretchen Carlson, played by Vanessa Bayer.

Although the spoof was blatantly exaggerated, anyone who has watched the news after the footage leaked would know this skit isn’t too off the mark in regards to Fox & Friends reaction. (SNL didn’t have to do much writing for this one.)

As a huge fan of SNL, I’m thrilled they decided to bring back Update on Thursdays. I hope they’re able to hit all of the right spots they did last election season without the help of Fey.

Make sure to tune in every Thursday on NBC during this election season to see all things political get spoofed.

Make sure to check out Drunk Uncle on the latest Update Thursday over at Hulu in the mean time.

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