FOX: The Mindy Project

Most of us know her as the lovable, yet hyper-mercurial Kelly Kapoor on that pretty popular NBC sitcom The Office. But this fall, Mindy Kaling is leaving NBC’s prime-time schedule for FOX’s in a starring role of her own produced sitcom titled, The Mindy Project. There are probably a millions reasons I could think of to watch this soon-to-be your new favorite show, but lets just go over the top three.

1) It has the potential to be the next 30 Rock:

The similarities between Mindy Kaling Tina Fey are never ending. They both can write, they both can act, and they both can produce their own material. While Kaling has more of a dark and deprecating humor enjoyed mainly by nerds, there is no doubt both of these women know how to write comedy gold. Given a lot of the same magical ingredients, there’s promise Project could reach the success of Rock in its own respect.

2) This show comes at time where funny girls rule television:

Lucille Ball defined a generation with the prime-time television show I Love Lucy, setting a precedent followed by the likes of Mary Tyler Moore, Rosanne Barr, Calista Flockhart, and Ellen DeGeneres. These women have paved the way to a female protagonist in American television being almost preferred, leading us to this golden age of female comedies. Last year’s new smash hits included FOX’s New GirlCBS’s 2 Broke Girls, and HBO’s mega-hit Girls, only strengthening the argument that estrogen packed sitcoms are what Americans want.


One of the most memorable characters from The Office is Kelly Kapoor. She may be a little over passionate, celebrity obsessive, and an employer’s worst nightmare who probably couldn’t ever function in actual society, but Ms. Kapoor will go down as one of the greatest characters in American television history. Kaling is responsible for the lovable hot mess express that Kelly was. I have no doubt she will do it again with her character in Project. On top of her acting, Kaling has also won multiple awards for the writing she did for The Office. As the head writer for Project, the award-winning writing will no doubt transfer over. Hold onto your weave Tina, Mindy may just snatch it off the top of your head.




The brilliant people over at FOX have already released the pilot online to garner interest. You can watch the pilot online right now, but I’m holding out in order to watch it from my TV with some boxed wine.

I’ll have the full review up after the pilot airs Tuesday, September 25th on FOX. In the meantime, lets eat dark chocolate and watch the trailer on repeat.

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