NBC’s Dimmed Future: Revolution

J.J. Abrams is no stranger to hits. His successes as a writer, producer, and director in Hollywood tremendously outweigh his losses (looking at you Razzie nomination). From his big screen blockbusters (Cloverfield, Star Trek) to his on screen rating magnets (Felicity, Lost), it seems as if anything J.J. Abrams touches turns to on-screen gold. To have Abrams in your fall line-up is comparable to owning Park Place in Monopoly- it doesn’t get much better. Now, throw Eric Kripke and Jon Favreau (Iron Man!) to the mix; it’s as if you own Boardwalk as well, setting yourself poised to win it all and sweep the competition.

So what is this dream team cooking up for NBC? Judging from the trailer, Revolution is jumping on The Hunger Games express and taking you to a new post-apocalyptic future where technology suddenly stopped working (this is when having an Eagle Scout as a friend would come in handy) and millions of Twitter addicts are forced to keep their 140-character thoughts to themselves while they revert back to a time where warlords rule and militias rise.

To not totally scare off soap-loving teens over to the CW, the show appeals with a young female protagonist and her quest in searching for her brother (family theme!) in this post-tweeting world. Whether families will be gathering around the television to see warlords and gangs rule and ruthlessly kill, that’s another question.

Despite what seems to be a sure fire hit for NBC, one (as in myself) cannot forget the past when other promising action adventure shows (The Event) failed to marinate with the audience (myself and all of America).

I will approach with caution, but I have much faith in the LOST mastermind to guide me through this dark future, no matter how many cliff hangers I’ll have to endure.

This is my MVP pick for NBC, hopefully it won’t be disappointing.

Revolution premieres Monday, Sept. 17 at 9 p.m on NBC


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