Fall Network Television 2012: Who Will Fall in the Fall?

DVRs across the country are preparing to go back into overtime after experiencing a mostly reality show dominated summer. And, if you’re like me, you are already warming up those thumbs to keep up with one of the most promising fall network schedule in television history.

Sure, NBC was able to keep us in good company with America’s Got Talent while us talent-less citizens stayed at home and drank our summer mojitos. And yes, CBS was once again able to appeal to their loyal Big Brother cult (yes, I bought the live feeds this season). But how will these network television shows stack up in the fall among the rest of the gang?

Fox has recruited the Femme Fatale herself, Mrs. Britney Spears, as their main competitor. Despite the 15 Million Dollar chump change FOX deposited into Spears’s bank account, the company is hoping the millions will translate into millions of viewers, thus salvaging the more than disappointing previous season.

The CW Network is once again coming in as the underdog this season hoping to drawn in ratings with backstabbing and drama as the network brings back prime time soaps including 90120, Gossip Girl, and the sophomore season of Vampire Diaries.

So which network will rise while the others fall? What shows will be best to fill those DVRs with? Will comedies outshine the dramadies, or will the soaps wash away fall reality?

To find out all of these questions and what you should be watching this television season, follow this blog and make sure to check back regularly… that is if the DVR is paused. In the meantime, let’s watch that promising Britney promo again…


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